Best Book for Intraday Trading

best books on intraday trading

Thinking about starting your intraday career? Then, this article is for you. Intraday trading is a vast and one of the most crucial disciplines of stock market trading. The compulsion and commitment towards closing trades before the day ends is a huge responsibility. The impediments it comes with make it appear quite difficult for many traders. Therefore, intraday trading is not the first choice for many, from novices to professionals. However, many books on intraday trading are available that meticulously cover every detail about this highly sought-after yet intricate field of trading.

This article enlists the 15 best books on intraday trading, which could be the guiding light for a newbie and a practised trader. So, keep on reading.

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online 2nd Edition

Very few people understand the stock market, especially the intraday trading field, and Toni Turner is one of them. Hence, when he came up with the second Edition of his best-selling book A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online, many took it as an Intraday trading Bible. Published in 2007, this book is still relevant and is considered one of the best books for intraday trading.

This book is a definitive guide to intraday trading for beginners. This book covers elementary to complex topics related to the stock market. This iconic book provides a comprehensive direction to understanding the latest trading products like ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), E-minis, etc., decimalization of stock prices, new traders breeds, precision entries, and so on.

  • Author: Toni Turner
  • Year of publication: 2007
  • Publisher: ‎ FW Media; 2nd edition
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.82
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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2. How to Day Trade for a Living

How to Day Trade for a Living

When starting as a beginner in the stock trading career, you need a pathfinder to learn related skills and a guide to implementing the learnings in real life. This could be the best book on intraday trading if you are looking for complete knowledge about this field of stock market trading.

Day trading is a very steep learning process. So, if your goal is to become an expert in day trading, you must have access to effective and fruitful resources. How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz is one such book that covers every aspect of intraday trading, including money management, trading psychology, and different tools for trading like a professional.

  • Author: Andrew Aziz
  • Year of publication: 2016
  • Publisher: ‎ CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.07
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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3. Start Day Trading Now

Start Day Trading Now

Start Day Trading Now by Michael Sincere emphasizes technical analysis and offers valuable advice on handling your finances when trading. The author developed this book for beginners, providing a thorough breakdown of intraday trading. In this book, he has addressed minute aspects, such as the kind of system needed to begin your trading career, significant trading tactics, day trading technical terms, and risk management techniques.

This book also discusses how to handle money and emotions to trade successfully. In addition, the book includes interviews with seasoned day traders, which gives us a better understanding of the trader’s point of view.

  • Author: Michael Sincere
  • Year of publication: 2011 
  • Publisher: ‎ Adams Media
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.56
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

    4. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks

The Truth About Day Trading Stocks

The truth about day trading stocks is a practical guide to today’s day trading on the stock market written by Josh DiPietro. The book provides a realistic look at the difficulties of day trading. The book aims to assist traders in cultivating a disciplined attitude and applying it. Anyone who is a self-taught trader or investor should read this book because it is simple to follow and understand. 

The author offers extensive knowledge about how to handle financial losses. He also shares the dos and don’ts of intraday trading if the trader is vulnerable to risks and challenges of the stock exchange. With all the detailed information and instructions, this book is one of the best books on intraday trading.

  • Author: Josh DiPietro
  • Year of publication: 2009 
  • Publisher: ‎ Wiley
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.36
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

    5. The Stock Trader: How I Make a Living Trading Stocks

The Stock Trader How I Make a Living Trading Stocks

The Stock Trader: How I Make a Living Trading Stocks by Tony Oz is for you if you’re seeking a resource that explains the day trading method in great depth. This book will teach you about market tactics, including chart patterns, entry and exit prices, and many other things to consider before entering a trade. This book has a captivating style and appeals to a broad readership. This book may end up on your list of the best books on intraday trading by the time you have finished reading it.

Written by an experienced investor and the creator of famous stock market calculator software called Oz Stock Market Scanning Software, this book gives extensive knowledge on high-risk and low-risk markets, trading policies, strategies, and the techniques to place successful trades.

  • Author: Tony Oz
  • Year of publication: 2000
  • Publisher: ‎ Goldman Brown Business Media
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.88
  • Genre: Non-Fiction 

6. High-Probability Trading

High-Probability Trading

Probability plays a huge and significant role in stock market trading, especially intraday trading. Once you master the game of probability, nothing can stop you from successfully placing trades and earning substantial profits.

High Probability Trading can show you how to become a successful intraday trader. With real-world examples to help short-term and long-term traders, this thorough curriculum provides tactics for surviving the risky initial trading months. This no-nonsense guide is here to help so that you don’t fall prey to unethical trading practices, false promises, and fraudulent stock market training programs.

  • Author: Marcel Link
  • Year of publication: 2003 
  • Publisher: ‎ McGraw Hill
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.87
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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7. Mastering the Trade, Third Edition

Mastering the Trade, Third Edition

This book is an authoritative resource for learning the art of trading in today’s volatile markets. Written by an expert trader, it covers everything from market psychology to entry and exit methods for various trading instruments. It is a must-read for anyone wishing to pursue a profession in trading because it contains real-world examples and helpful guidance.

Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter teaches you how to examine current market behaviour and many risk control tactics for safeguarding your trading cash; it comes highly recommended by several well-known personalities in the day trading industry, including Mark Douglas and Price Headley. As you turn each page of this 500-page read, you will know why it qualifies as the best book on intraday trading.  

  • Author: John F. Carter
  • Year of publication: 2005 
  • Publisher: ‎ McGraw-Hill
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.99
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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8. Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market by Kathy Lien is the greatest book for forex traders searching for a thorough overview of intraday trading tactics. It is one of the best books for intraday trading available in the market as it offers the most recent data, approaches, and abilities required to win in the fiercely competitive foreign exchange market. It includes news/events, Intermarket relations, option volatilities, and more while discussing the technical and fundamental trading tactics. It also offers a variety of trading techniques, including technical analysis, chart patterns, and market psychology, for both day trading and swing trading. Having the risk management guide included, the book is a comprehensive approach to intraday trading.

  • Author: Kathy Lien
  • Year of publication: 2008 
  • Publisher: ‎ Wiley
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.73
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

    9. The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes

While exploring the technical sides of stock market trading, Mark Douglas’ book The Disciplined Trader: Developing Winning Attitudes concentrates on the critical psychological aspects. The book, widely regarded as the definitive manual on trading psychology, took the author seven years to research and write. By addressing and altering deeply rooted psychological behaviours that cause financial loss, the book tries to assist traders in overcoming their constant lack of consistency. It will alter your attitude and behaviour for a more profitable trading experience.

Mark Douglas is a veteran trader, stock market expert, professional trading guide, and a celebrated writer of stock trading books or guides. He has emptied his heart and stock market trading knowledge while writing the best book on intraday trading so that a beginner intraday trader learns about the titbits of this field.

  • Author: Mark Douglas
  • Year of publication: 1990 
  • Publisher: ‎ New York Institute of Finance
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.18
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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10. Digital Day Trading

Digital Day Trading

Digital Day Trading by Howard Abell is the definitive guide for anyone wishing to make money in day trading. This book examines the world of stock day trading and demonstrates how an increasing number of professional traders are profiting from market turbulence. The psychology and market ethos of a trader are the book’s main topics. You can also learn day trading strategies by reading the interviews with renowned traders in the book. Because it was written during a period of extreme market volatility, the book is unique in itself. You should keep this book on your reading list if you are an aspiring intraday trader.

  • Author: Howard Abell
  • Year of publication: 1999 
  • Publisher: Dearborn Trade Pub
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.00
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

    11.Trading in the Zone

Day trading may be demanding, and many traders have taken it as a full-time profession. Intraday trading may also be an uncertain investment strategy that requires the right instruction and methods. The psychology of day trading is the main topic of Trading in the Zone. This includes the factors that may have drawn you to day trading and the mindset you must adopt to be a successful and profitable day trader.

In this insightful guide to intraday trading, readers may learn how to navigate the possibilities of market moves from the author, who debunks common misunderstandings about the market. The author of this wonderful book, Mark Douglas, describes the various “head trash” and restrictive convictions that traders hold and how to get rid of them. This book is for you if you wish to trade while feeling light-hearted.

  • Author: Mark Douglas
  • Year of publication: 2000 
  • Publisher: ‎ Prentice Hall Press
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.29
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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12. Way of the Turtle

Way of the Turtle

In his book Way of the Turtle, Curtis Faith, one of the top earners of the reputable trading group ‘Turtles’, explains his group’s uncomplicated and realistic trading strategy. The author describes the experiment by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, in which they taught 23 people from various backgrounds how to become effective traders in two weeks. 

The book by Faith focuses on the importance of following a disciplined trading plan which is highly recommended for new traders. Overall, this is a fantastic book to read if you want to change your thinking and stop dealing with emotion.

  • Author: Curtis Faith
  • Year of publication: 2007 
  • Publisher: ‎ McGraw-Hill
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.82
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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13. Stock Market Wizard

Stock Market Wizard

The groundwork of this book is a sequence of interviews the author hosted with many reputed traders who experienced great financial success in their intraday trading careers. Stock Market Wizard by Jack D. Schwager is one of the best books on intraday trading. This book discusses many characteristics that set the best traders apart. It contains interviews with affluent individuals, including Richard Dennis, Marty Schwartz, Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota, and Michel Steinhardt.

Traders and professional financiers should read this investment guide in an interview-style format to learn more about how the financial industry functions.

  • Author: Jack D. Schwager
  • Year of publication: 2001 
  • Publisher: ‎ Harper Business 
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.26
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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14. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

A clear understanding of the chart patterns is key to success in the intraday trading market. A few guides and resources on intraday chart patterns are scattered around the internet. The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns is one of the most intuitive. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas N Bulkowski is a comprehensive handbook on trading chart patterns. The title of this book makes it clear that the author has addressed all the aspects of technical analysis of chart patterns that every trader should be familiar with.

The book has eleven event pattern sections and performance statistics for both bull and down market patterns. Furthermore, the author has discussed trading strategies for important occasions, including quarterly results, press conferences, retail sales, stock upgrades and downgrades. The author offers insightful advice on using charts to enhance your trading performance.

  • Author: Thomas N Bulkowski
  • Year of publication: 2000 
  • Publisher: ‎ Wiley
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.08
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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15. Intraday Trading for Dummies

Intraday Trading for Dummies is another beginner-friendly book you must read regularly to stay current on the fundamentals of intraday trading. This book must be at the top of your reading list if you’re just starting as a day trader. It’s written in plain English and moves from time-tested trading methods to specific tactics. Although it doesn’t delve deeply into any one subject, it provides an excellent overview of everything related to day trading.

After reading this comprehensive guide, one of the best books for intraday trading, you will have the information and assurance needed to manage risk, make quick decisions, and buy and sell positions.

    • Author: Ann C. Logue
    • Year of publication: 2007 
  • Publisher: For Dummies
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.47
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

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Finding the right books for intraday trading is difficult because so many publications are available. Thus, we’ve discussed the top 15 best books on intraday trading. Additionally, this article went over the details of books, all of which are available for purchase.


Q1. Which book should I read for intraday trading?

If you intend to become a successful day trader, you must pick a book that covers each principle of intraday trading in detail, is written comprehensively, and can answer all your queries well. We have provided all 15 best books for intraday trading, which are not only written by the best stock market experts but also available worldwide.

Q2. Can I learn intraday trading from books?

One thing all successful investors have in common is reading as many books on investing as possible. A fundamental understanding of all the factors that affect share prices is necessary for intraday trading in the stock market and can be acquired by frequently reading books. If you have dedication and determination, you can gather knowledge and sharpen your expertise by reading the best books on intraday trading.

Q3. Which is the best book for intraday trading PDF?

Stock market traders who want to specialize in intraday trading always search for the best resources, be e-paper, paperback books, or PDFs. May of the intraday trading guidebooks discussed in the article above come in a PDF version that readers can download and read at their convenience.

Q4.How do I start an intraday trading book?

If books could produce experts, every reader would become a professional. Every book is different, and how you extract knowledge from them is up to you. Begin your adventure into the best book on intraday trading by dedicating focused reading time each day. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate. Begin by learning the fundamentals of terminology and concepts. Take notes, think, and put what you’ve learned about intraday trading into practice.


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