5 Unique Home Decor Trends for Your Home in 2023

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Your home is your oasis and 2023 brings forth a new era which stands in stark contrast to the pandemic decor years. Say goodbye to those functional extra office rooms, the home gyms and the ‘making-it-work’ vibe. This year’s trends involve bursting colors, accent areas and a more maximalist approach.

With a few tweaks, you can refresh your home and hop aboard with some of the latest and most unique trends in home design and decor. Let’s take a look at five ways to help get you there.

1. Bold, Bright Colors

Neon pink, bright yellow, satsuma orange – this is the year to stand out from the crowd. Showcasing bold colors displays a certain fearlessness and a willingness to move on with life in a big way. Start with one room and expand from there. Here are a few ways you can use bright colors to really make things pop:

Accent Walls

Making an accent wall is a great way to add something bold without overdoing it. Choose a bedroom, office space or entertainment area and look for a focal point when you first walk in. Which wall do you face? Now, go bold and cover that one wall with your favorite paint, wallpaper or tapestry. 


If you aren’t ready to permanently transform a wall, consider investing in a striking piece of luxury furniture that is sure to make a statement. Infuse some personality into your design by choosing a vibrant color or eye-catching pattern and place it in a visible space.

Doors and Window Trims

A uniquely loud door color or window trim can add some on-trend curbside appeal. There’s no better way to be the coolest house on the block!

Think about complimenting what you already have. If your home has more wood tones, go with yellows or blues. If your current background is more white or neutral, anything goes – you can set the mood!

2. Maximalism

luxury furniture
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Take those bright, bold colors to the next level – maximalism encompasses everything over-the-top. What is maximalism? It’s the exact opposite of minimalism, of course! Celebrate patterns, layers, boldness, eccentricism and oddities. There are zero rules when experimenting with maximalist decor. Here are a few ways you can embrace this unique approach:

Thematic Areas

If you have a passion for plants, create a wall of them. If you love collecting fantasy novels, Japanese plushies or board games, display them in a central living space, on a shelf or on a wall. Maximalism celebrates everything that makes you unique. Create an area in your home and don’t hold back – let everything show. 

Complex Patterns

A maximalist approach embraces competing colors and patterns. Have an accent wall? Choose an eclectic piece of furniture and bold rug to make a standout space. It might seem weird but that’s the point. The art of the maximalist approach is to experiment and see how far you can go. The more colors and patterns the better!

Playing with Texture

We’re talking velvet, silk, wool, faux fur and more. When it comes to rugs, curtains, throw blankets and bedding, this is the year to play with textures and go bold. 

Maximalist enthusiasts don’t hold back so get ready to go all out!

3. Multipurpose Spaces

Who says your yoga room can’t be in your home office? The pandemic home gym hasn’t disappeared – it gets integrated. Instead of one devoted space in your home for certain living areas, 2023 brings in the multipurpose space trend. If you are tight on livable space or into the tiny-home living trend, you’re already halfway there. Here are a few ways you can adapt your home decor to suit more than one purpose:

Convertible Furniture

Expand your storage area with convertible furniture. Turn your living room sofa into a guest bed or store a portion of your board game collection in an ottoman to pull out for game night. You can add nesting side tables or pull-out tables to a corner of your room and use them when you entertain. Get creative!

Vertical Storage

Keep your workout room contained to one wall by adding some vertical storage for your mats, bands and blocks. Or, keep your child’s plushie collection in a tidy hammock or other hanging storage area in their closet. Vertical storage can be added to a door, wall or hallway. It keeps your walkways open and tidy while adding additional areas to organize.

Folding Desks

Your home office space isn’t gone – it’s just easier to hide. Add a folding desk to your living room or bedroom if you want to adapt your area to work. Simply hide your desk when you need to switch off for the evening. 

This is a trend that makes sense for smaller homes especially but it’s a great way to value your space no matter what your square footage. 

4. Vintage and Retro Decor

Don’t throw away grandma’s old antique sofa just yet. Vintage and retro decor is making a comeback! You don’t need to overdo it – rather pick and choose a selection of throwback items and place them in key areas of your home. Here are a few ways you can celebrate the days of yesteryear:

Blankets and Throws

Place a treasured handmade quilt or knitted blanket on your bed or couch and cozy up in front of the TV. Vintage blankets are a great statement piece and they add a bit of hominess to your room. 

Clawfoot… Everything?

Ever envision yourself relaxing in the tub? How about a clawfoot tub for your next bathroom remodel? Or dainty clawfoot desks and chairs? There’s no better way to pay tribute to the past than with some subtle retro vibes.

VCR Station

Celebrate your old movie collection and install a VCR station complete with plentiful shelves of VHS tapes. It will feel just like a cozy evening at the cottage with limited wifi. 

There are so many ways you can add a bit of the past to the present – so rewind a bit and enjoy! 

5. Natural Elements

The final trend on our list is all about bringing a bit of nature indoors. Your decor may already include a few select plants as green accents, and that’s a great start. This is the year to build a larger bridge between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Sound of Water

Add the soothing sounds of a babbling brook with a small indoor water fountain placed near your entryway. Take it a step further and try your hand at creating a small fish habitat in a quiet corner of your home. Sit back, and relax!

Cactus Corner

We love cacti! Why not create a shelf devoted to these easy-to-care-for plants? You’ll relish in the simple care and sharp aesthetic they add to any dull corner. 

Hanging Vines

Make better use of your ceiling space and hang a small fern or hanging vine at a high vantage point. As they grow, you’ll find simple pleasure in trimming and pruning these fine friends. 

A few small adjustments can go a long way to making your home just a little more green.

Make it Your Own

From the sounds of nature to bright colors, this year is the perfect time to bend the rules and showcase what makes your space truly your own. Embrace the adventure and get ready to live boldly!


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