How to Get Free Amazon Prime: Know the Whole Process

how to get free amazon prime

In case you ever find yourself wondering how to get Amazon Prime for free then you’ve reached the right place. This informative content will update your knowledge about this particular secret feature of Amazon Prime. As we are all aware of the benefits of Amazon Prime it has become essential for this generation to have access to the popular online streaming options. They not only provide video or show streaming services but also offer faster delivery, same day delivery as well, no minimum order value for prime customers. So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you had free access to an amazon prime account???

Being Aware of your answer this article brings to you the ways to get prime free for a month, 6 months or even a year. 

How to Get Free Amazon Prime: Full Details

1. 30 Days Free Trial

Amazon Prime Videos already offers a 30 days free trial for all. In case you do not have an account in amazon you need to sign up for one and in case of smart phone you need to download the amazon prime app. 

30 Days Free Trial

Step 1: In case you already have an amazon account then from there sign up for Prime membership. 

Step 2: There you will find 3 membership plan options starting with a 30 days free trial. 

Step 3: Once you select the free trial option they will ask for card or UPI details but no payment will be charged other than 2 rupees for basic verification purposes. 

Step 4: Once you have completed the payment process the account will be activated for free trial. 

*Do not forget to cancel the subscription by the end of the month to avoid any charges. 

2. Free Trial Again

Once the first free trial period is over, amazon policy restricts you from having multiple free trial periods. 

But there is a loophole. You will be allowed for free trial from the same account after 1 year. Once the wait period is over, go to your account and select the same plan again. 

3. Recharge Plan With Free Trial

Multiple Recharge plan comes with amazing free offers, one of which is free trial for amazon offered by jio, airtel, Voda. In case you see these offers or happen to be successful in finding one then go for those recharge packages. 

how to get free amazon prime

Airtel 699 and 999 recharge pack offers free amazon prime with additional benefits. 

Jio 699 and 1499 postpaid plans offer the same. 

Vodafone offers the same for 599, 99 and 1149.

4. Student Deals

In case you are a student amazon prime offers special deals for you. As a student you will get the offer of 6 free months of membership to the Prime account. This extension can be activated only after the first month of free trial. 

5. Different Registration Accounts

You can use multiple email ids and phone numbers for free membership to the Prime if you log in with different information each time but make sure to close the existing account before creating a new one. 

6. 3 Months free Prime Membership with BOI/UCO/IDBI

Amazon Prime offers 3 months free membership to BOI/UCO/IDBI members. To redeem this offer visit ( this page and click on claim offer. Then you have to authenticate your BOI/UCO/IDBI visa card. A payment of rupees 1 will need to be done and that will be refunded later. Then you will receive a coupon code through text and then send use that code in the page and click on redeem code option. Go through the terms and conditions once before you proceed. 

7. Paytm Cashback Offer

Paytm is offering free amazon prime membership in their cashback section. You can get a free membership for up to 3 months redeeming your cashback points. You need to have at least 17000 for a month or 43000 for 3 months to avail this offer. This offer stays valid till 29th December 2023. 

8. Friday Offer

Amazon is offering this special Friday offer if you shop worth 6000+ rupees and make the payment via upi then you can avail the Friday offer to get 1 month free membership. 

9. SBI Cashback Points

Easy answer to the question how to get free amazon prime for SBI users will be – SBI credit card holders can enjoy 1 year free membership by redeeming the points they get through their card. Buy the e-voucher for Prime for free. While choosing payment options select points only. In that way you get 1 whole year of free membership. 

10. ICICI Debit card

Similarly, on how to get free amazon prime for ICICI debit card holders has got a similar offer. Within the first 15 days of opening the account you get an offer where, if you shop for 3000 rupees you can avail the rupees 300 Prime package for free. 

How to Cancel the 30 days free trial ? 

1. On a desktop

  • Go to in your web browser.
  • In the top right corner you will find the Accounts and list option. From there go to prime membership. 
  • From there go to manage membership at the top right again, and then select end membership. 
  • Further follow the on-screen instructions and your membership process will end. 
  • You will get a confirmation email for cancellation. 

2. From Mobile Phone

  • Open the amazon shopping app on your phone.
  • On the bottom of the screen select the profile icon. 
  • Scroll down then select the manage membership option. 
  • Tap on end membership. 
  • Follow the instructions on screen and at last you will receive a deactivation confirmation mail. 

Terms and Conditions of 30 days free trial

1. Membership Cancellation: If you cancel within 3 days of the change from free trial to purchased members then you will get a complete refund only if you haven’t made any purchase using the prime benefits. 

2. Shipping Benefits and Eligible Purchase: The shipping benefit stands mostly for certain selected products, not all products. 

3. Prime members are not permitted to purchase a product with the motive to resale it through amazon again.

4. Amazon will have the authority to cancel your prime membership without any notice, in that case an unrequired transaction will be refunded. 


To summarise the entire content, you get a quick briefing of 11 ways to activate free amazon prime membership and watch your selected shows and movies for free. There are certainly more offers which come and go like kitkat once collaborated with amazon prime and offered lucky customers free membership. We have also seen sprite and 7up using the same promotional tactics. Given the increasing popularity of Amazon prime and the amount of content it holds, general curiosity of how to get free amazon prime is common and expected. 


1. Can we get Amazon Prime for free?

Yes, there are multiple ways to access amazon prime for free for a limited period of time. 

2. How to watch Amazon Prime free?

There are multiple methods like free 1 month trial, cashback offers and various bank offers. 

3. Is Amazon Prime 30-day free trial really free?

Yes. The first 30 days of Amazon Prime membership is free, after that a monthly or yearly auto-debit will start. 

4. How to get Amazon Prime for free forever in India?

You cannot get prime free forever, the highest duration is for 1 year. 


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