How to Post GIF on Facebook: Know the Ultimate Method

how to post gif on facebook

GIFs are an amusing and engaging way to express your feelings and creativity on Facebook. This brief tutorial will show how to effortlessly post GIFs to your Facebook timeline or in comments to give your conversations extra motion. You’ll learn how easy it’s to consist of and amuse your friends and enthusiasts, whether with a funny clip or an expressive animation. Let’s get started with the usage of GIFs to liven up your Facebook experience!

What is a GIF?

An image file type known as a GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, can contain static and moving images. GIFs can include numerous frames displayed sequentially, giving the appearance of movement, in contrast to more conventional picture formats like JPEG or PNG. Because of this, GIFs are the perfect format for producing quick, looping animations, which have become very popular on social media sites like Facebook.

GIFs can more dynamically convey feelings, reactions, or messages than static images or plain text. They are frequently used to inject comedy, highlight ideas, or express feelings succinctly and interestingly. With the ability to convey and express ideas in a manner that crosses the gap between photos and videos, GIFs have become a crucial component of online communication. They are also simple to share and load rapidly on various systems because of their comparatively tiny file sizes.

How to post a GIF on Facebook from your Mac or PC

Follow these instructions from your Mac or PC to share a GIF to Facebook:


  1. Find or Create a GIF: Start by looking for a GIF you wish to share or producing one yourself using a GIF-introduction tool.
  2. Log into Facebook: Go to Facebook using your favored internet browser. If you are no longer already, check in on your account.
  3. Compose a Post: Find the “What’s on your mind?” box on your Facebook feed or timeline. To begin a fresh post, click on it.
  4. Add the GIF: The “Photo/Video” button is beneath the textual content field. Click it. It will launch a document browser window. Choose the GIF document you wish to share after locating it.
  5. Add a Description: After the GIF has been uploaded, you may edit your put-up by including a caption or a description to provide your fans with more data.
  6. Choose Privacy Settings: Decide how private you need your publisher to be. You can customize the target audience or see it completely on your buddies.
  7. Post the GIF: To share the GIF for your timeline or feed, click the “Post” button.
  8. Wait for Processing: Once Facebook has completed processing the GIF, it’ll seem for your post.
  9. Preview and Edit: Before publishing, You can preview how your submission will seem to others. You can alternate the textual content or other specifics if important.
  10. Finalize and Share: Click “Share” when you’re finished if you want the GIF to be seen by your selected audience.

That’s it! Your GIF has now been posted on Facebook for the viewing of your friends and fans. 

How to post a GIF on Facebook using the mobile app

Follow these instructions to upload a GIF to Facebook using the mobile app:

how to post gif on facebook

  1. Open Facebook App: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and log in to your account if you have not finished already.
  2. To begin a new post: choose “What’s for your thoughts?” from the drop-down menu at the pinnacle of your profile or News Feed.
  3. Add Media: You may also use the selections underneath the textual content discipline. Select the “GIF” button, generally indicated with a GIF icon.
  4. GIF search: There could be a GIF seek interface. You can find key phrases or phrases to discover the GIF you wish to post. There are many GIFs to pick from on Facebook.
  5. Choose the GIF: Select the GIF you want to submit by scrolling through the to-be-had ones. You can observe it earlier than you decide.
  6. Optional caption to feature: You can upload a caption to your GIF ad. This textual content will seem to be published next to the GIF.
  7. Choose Post Privacy Settings: You can specify who can view your post in the section underneath the caption. You can set it to buddies, the general public, or a specific pal list or adjust it.
  8. Post: When you’re happy with the GIF you’ve chosen, the caption, and the privacy options, click “Post” to post the GIF to your Facebook timeline.
  9. View and Participate: Your GIF post is now viewable on your profile and your friends’ News Feeds. Like other Facebook posts, people can like, comment on, and share your post.

Remember that depending on your device and the latest app upgrades, the processes and interface may differ significantly. A smooth GIF uploading experience requires an active internet connection on your device. Additionally, ensure you have the authorizations to access your device’s media and photo library. 

How to Post a GIF on Facebook with GIF Button

Use the GIF button to upload a GIF on Facebook by doing the following actions:

social media

  1. 1. Login: Make certain your Facebook account is presently logged in.
  2. Create a New Post: Find the “Create a Post” section on your homepage or profile. Normally, it appears at the top of your profile page or information feed.
  3. Find a GIF: the usage of the quest bar with a purpose to see after coming across keywords or phrases. Enter the word or phrase you need to search for (such as “happy,” “birthday celebration,” “cat,” and so forth.), and then click the quest button.
  4. Select a GIF: Select the desired GIF by clicking it after perusing the results. Before creating a preference, you may preview it.
  5. Add a Caption (Optional): You may upload a caption to your put-up in the textual content field above the GIF. Although this step is non-obligatory, including context would possibly enhance your content material.
  6. Post the GIF: After you’re happy with your chosen GIF and any further text, click the “Post” button. Your friends or followers will now see your GIF post.
  7. Await Upload: Facebook will handle GIF processing and upload. Your friends and followers can view and engage with the GIF in the news feed as a moving image.

Remember that if Facebook’s interface is updated, features’ accessibility and appearance may also change. If you can’t find the GIF button where you expect it to be, you may need to look into other possibilities or use Facebook’s official support materials. 

How to Post GIFs to Facebook Comment

To post a GIF in a Facebook comment, follow these steps:

how to post gif on facebook

  1. Find a GIF: Look for the GIF you wish to share. Use services like Giphy and Tenor, or create your own using GIF-creation software.
  2. Copy the GIF URL: right-click on it and choose “Copy image address” or “Copy link address” (the phrasing may differ depending on your browser).
  3. Comment: Visit the Facebook post where you wish to leave a GIF-based comment. To enter a comment, click the comment box and begin to type.
  4. Insert the GIF URL: To insert the GIF URL, right-click the comment box and choose “Paste” (or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard).
  5. Edit or Post: To post your remark with the GIF, click the “Post” button after adding any additional text you’d like.

Keep in mind that Facebook does not allow GIF comments on all posts. Also, remember that the procedures may change significantly depending on any platform improvements Facebook makes. 

How to Add GIFs to Your Facebook Story Video

Observe these techniques to publish a GIF to your Facebook Story:

social media hacks

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone or other mobile device and sign into your account.
  2. Create a tale: To start a new story, tap on your profile photo at the top of the News Feed or your profile page.
  3. Access GIFs here: You can add stickers using the interface for creating stories. Click the sticker icon, which frequently looks like a smiley face.
  4. GIF searches: You can search for GIFs while choosing a sticker. To find GIFs containing pertinent terms, click on them.
  5. Choose the GIF: Look through the GIF picks from your search. Tap a GIF you want to add to your story after finding it.
  6. Adjust and Post: You can adjust the length of Gifs according to your Preference, region, or rotation. To share the GIF on your Facebook Story, tap the “Your Story” button once you’re satisfied with it.
  7. Optional: Any messages or texts can be added to Gifs that may improve your story using text, pictures, filters, or different effects.
  8. Post Your Story: After giving your account one very last review, click on the “Share” or “Post” button to submit your GIF-heavy account to your friends to see.

Remember that those hints may want to regulate because of app enhancements or modifications. For a satisfactory experience, make certain your Facebook utility is present-day. 

How to create your custom GIF Using

If you want to upload a GIF on Facebook, just do the following:

1. Create a Custom GIF Using GIPHY.Com, starting with:

  • If you do not already have an account, visit GIPHY.Com and create one.
  • On the GIPHY internet site, click the “Create” button within the pinnacle right nook.
  • Include the photographs or films you need on your GIF by uploading them.
  • Put the content material cloth in order and decide how long every frame needs to be.
  • You can enhance your GIF together with subtitles, stickers, or outcomes.
  • Click the “Create GIF” button while you are finished.
  • The GIF may be produced after GIPHY has processed your content material.
  • To download the GIF to your tool, click the “Download” button.

how to post gif on facebook

2. Upload a GIF to Facebook:

  • Open Facebook and sign up.
  • To make it publish, click on the “Create a Post?” region for your News Feed or Timeline.
  • To add the GIF you made on GIPHY, click the “Photo/Video” button.
  • From your device, select the GIF report.
  • After the GIF has been uploaded, you could alternate the privacy options, add a caption, and tag buddies.
  • To percentage the GIF on your Facebook account, click the “Post” button.

Remember that Facebook allows you to share GIFs by pasting the GIF URL and directly uploading GIFs from websites like GIPHY. Before sharing, ensure your GIF is interesting, pertinent, and follows Facebook’s content policies.


With our in-depth guide, learn how to share GIFs on Facebook. This site has information about creating your GIFs as well as defining them. Learn how to use the GIF button to publish GIFs in comments from a Mac, PC, or mobile device. Use animated stickers to improve your Facebook Stories. Create personalized GIFs using MakeAGif or to unleash your creativity. GIFs make it simple to convey thoughts, feelings, and reactions. With the help of this detailed lesson, bring your Facebook posts to life and improve your social media experience.


1. Why can’t I post GIFs on Facebook?

There will be compatibility issues, community troubles, or software bugs that cause certain issues. Check if your GIF complies with Facebook’s necessities earlier than trying to add. 

2. How do you send an animated GIF on Facebook?

To percentage a GIF on your submission or comment, click the GIF icon while commenting or posting and read for one.

3. How do you post a GIF?

To create a submission, click “What’s in your mind?” Select “Photo/Video,” select the GIF record, input a few details, and click “Post.”

4. What size is a GIF on Facebook?

GIFs on Facebook must usually be around 8MB long to guarantee a continuing upload and viewing enjoyment.


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